Monday, March 21, 2011

Moyles raises £2.4 million for charity but is still a complete arse

Despite his broadcasting 'marathon' having raised huge bundles of cash to give to poor people, a survey has confirmed that dead-eyed, snaggle-toothed tub of blubber Chris Moyles is still loathed by everyone in Britain, even those who have never heard his radio programme.

Moyles's declaration on taking over the Radio One morning slot, that he was 'the Saviour of Radio One', gave many people hope that at some point he would agree to be scourged and then nailed to a suitably reinforced cross. Unhappily, it seems that it is not to be.

It is just possible that Moyles could have attained some measure of respect by not only raising the money but also donating all his vital organs to needy children in Ghana. The remainder of his sorry carcasse could have served as filling for pies to assuage the tearing hunger of orphans in the Sudan.

Typically, Moyles refused to go the extra mile, and remains a hate-figure. He has only himself to blame.