Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rising from the ashes like an ashy rising thing

A friend of mine has expressed an interest in starting a blog, mainly to have a rant about annoying stuff - which is how most of us started, I suspect. Anyway, I said I'd help, and then realised I'd forgotten EVERYTHING about blogging.

I've been too lazy to come anywhere near this place for years, and although there's still plenty to get enraged about (which is where I came in, back in 2004) I've preferred to take the 'quietly angry' approach to life, except for Sunday mornings, when I have a tendency to wake Soo up at 6 am to discuss the events that led up to the reunification of Germany and so on. an attempt to help Claire get started, I'm going to reinflate this vessel, and, who knows, I may just get my mojo back.