Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Short Fuse

The Daily Express’s front page headline today is “SWIMMING POOL BLACKED OUT TO APPEASE MUSLIMS”. It's a piece of trivial froth which certainly doesn't deserve to be on the front page.

In a fit of mischief I went onto the “Have Your Say” page and complained about the article being anti-Islamic toss. An Express reader responded thus:

The pathetic one is you - so blinkered and stupid that you cant see what is happening. The people of this country - the REAL people, not the invading hoard, are SICK of being told to change to accomodate a bunch of benefit scrounging terrorist supporting barbarians.

You sound as if you support these vermin? Maybe you also agree with blowing trains & buses up do you? Perhaps the anti-terror police should be looking carefully at people like you - I do hope they do because I for one dont believe anyone with your attitudes can be trusted and you shoul be removed from our streets."

Bit of a short fuse there, I think. It’s a worry that these people are roaming free with little fires of hatred blazing away inside. I tried to calm things down by replying that my golden rule is never to get into a discussion with people who are too stupid to spell “terrorist”, but was then accused of being bigoted against dyslexics.

At one point someone called me a "facist". I think they meant “fascist”, but who can say? And maybe I am a facist. Some of my best friends have faces, but there are still plenty I don’t like.

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